Submission ID: 0

Sample identifier = patient1
Disease_model=rare recessive disease
Processed variants=30726
phenotype is hemolytic anemia

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Initially, 30726 variants were fed into the annotation pipeline and 0 variants were detected as invalid input.

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Step1:7980 variants Identify missense, nonsense and splicing variantsdownload
Step2:585 variants Remove variants in the 1000 Genomes Project(ALL) with MAF>0.01download
Step3:401 variants Remove variants in NHLBI-ESP 6500 exomes with MAF>0.01download
Step4:313 variants Remove variants in ExAC 65000 exomes with MAF>0.01download
Step5:14 genes Compile a list of candidate genes based on diseaes model download
Exonic variant list from the wANNOVAR output after filtration, the last filter step with variants left will be used. (Total: 14)Variant List
Gene list from the wANNOVAR output, input into Phenolyzer (Total: 14)Input Gene List
The prioritized genes from Phenolyzer (Total: 11)Result Gene List
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